Turtles, Toe Rings, and Pickled Mangoes

Day two was just as amazing as yesterday…if not more so!

The day began in typical fashion with a long walk to Ka’anapali Beach. My turtle friends appeared again and, this time, I was prepared. Camera in hand, I stood upon the rocky shore, and snapped picture after picture as the turtles frolicked in the waves below. Although they were fairly shy, they managed to stop surfing long enough for me to snap a few pictures…

When the toasty morning sun turned to scorching, Mom and I knew it was time to head back. After a stop at the condo, we hopped in our sporty Chevy Spark (compact for easy maneuvering but not exactly a race car…) and made the drive down to Front Street.

A half-mile long stretch of shops and eateries, Front Street is always towards the top of my Maui bucket list. Today, we headed for some of our favorite stores, especially Whaler’s General. Popular throughout Maui, this variety store sells everything from SPAM musubi (a local favorite) to chintzy plastic ukuleles, and a few items I never knew existed. There’s always something new to see at this store, and I poked around for quite a while before heading out with my sights set on something else–namely, a toe ring.

I do my best to purchase at least one piece of jewelry every time I go on vacation. Naturally, this trip was no exception. I’d never taken much interest in toe rings before but, after viewing a case full of them at one of Front Street’s numerous jewelry stores, I was smitten with the idea. Before long, my left foot was sporting a shiny silver toe ring…perfect for paradise!

After enjoying a scrumptious salad–grilled shrimp…goat cheese…macadamia nuts–at Kimo’s, a favorite oceanfront haunt, I somehow ended up at my favorite shave ice stand, Ululani’s. Ordering a shave ice hadn’t been on my agenda for the day, but the usual line that snakes around the entire courtyard seemed to have vanished. Drawn by the lure of the cold, juicy sweet treat, I walked right up to the counter and placed my usual order: coconut shave ice with a sweetened condensed milk “snow cap.”

But this time, something else caught my eye…namely, another flavor on the extensive (40+ flavors!) list. Pickled mango.

It sounded so disgusting I couldn’t help but be tempted to try it. The shave ice guy assured me that it was “awesome” and handed me a free sample. I hesitantly took a bite and discovered that he was right.

Pickled mango/coconut shave ice is amazing!


The tangy tropical mango flavors meld perfectly with the sweet nuttiness of coconut syrup. The sugary snow cap added a creamy note to the concoction that brought all of the flavors together to create a symphony of scrumptiousness.

Call me crazy if you must, but do me a favor: the next time you’re in Lahaina, swing by Ululani’s and ask for a sample of pickled mango shave ice.

The rest of the day was spent in the typical Hawaiian fashion: lounging on the lanai, gazing at the marvelous sunset, and taking an evening stroll along–where else?–Front Street.

By the time we made it into town, the sky was black, the tiki torches were lit, and the restaurants were hopping. In fact, as we peeked at a few of the most popular restaurants’ menus, Mom and I were inspired to add several new culinary adventures to the bucket list.

After all, we’ve got eight more days left in paradise–and enough activities planned to fill them all…



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