Back to Paradise!

If you’ve been making any effort to follow this blog, you might have wondered why I haven’t been posting over the weekend. I’d like to make up some sensational story–like leaving on an overnight excursion to climb to the top of Haleakala, one of the world’s largest dormant volcanoes–but I’ll tell the not-so-sensational truth.

I got sick.

More than sick, actually.

I got the flu (the type that targets your stomach, if you catch my drift…)

On Saturday, after a full day of fun, I felt unnaturally fatigued and decided to take a nap–highly unusual behavior!  Mom and I had reservations at one of Lahaina’s swankiest restaurants and I certainly didn’t want to have to cancel.

When I woke up, my throat itched, my stomach ached, and my entire body was coated in goosebumps. It was official–we weren’t going to dinner. In fact, I barely managed to crawl to my bed.

By Sunday morning, I was feeling totally rotten, especially since it was the prettiest day in paradise since we’d arrived! Thankfully, with the help of God, a few good prayer warriors, and a bit of sunshine, I am back in action and more than ready to cover my last four days in paradise!

So, in case you were wondering, I’ll resume my usual posting schedule tonight.

And I’m more than making up for lost time. Thanks to the extreme boredom of Mom, who was left nursing me with no entertainment other than a stack of guidebooks, we’ve got a LOT planned for our last days on the island…stay tuned 🙂



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