Aloha! I just got back from a starlit swim in the pool and, true to my word, I’ve got a blog post to share. Just be warned–it’s a long one. Like it or not, I’ve got some catching up to do ūüôā

This morning, I awoke early, ready to embark on the day’s adventures. After breakfast on the lanai, Mom and I got ready and headed out to Front Street. We were in luck–not only were all of the shops open, but a cruise ship had also dropped anchor in the bay.


Every day on Front Street is fantastic, but a day spent strolling down the sidewalk with a handful of doddering “cruisers” is even more entertaining. Most cruisers¬†appear¬†more than a bit shell-shocked after arriving onshore. They tend to shuffle along the sidewalk, stuffed into too-tight, Hawaiian print shirts and loaded down with overstuffed fanny packs. All-in-all, the sight is one which will bring a smile to anyone’s face.

After watching the Front Street action and poking around in a few shops, Mom and I found that we couldn’t resist the lure of the Honolulu Cookie Company and its copious amounts of free samples.


Selling mouthwateringly rich shortbread cookies for nearly two decades, this shop takes pride in selling freshly baked cookies that “spread the spirit of Aloha around the world.”

After only one sample of their white chocolate-dipped coconut shortbread, I could tell why the Honolulu Cookie Company had been so successful. The cookies, while light and crumbly, are laced with a buttery richness that defines luxury. With tropical flavors such as macadamia nut, guava, pineapple, and passion fruit, every cookie effortlessly captures the essence of the islands.

After filling a box with a few of our favorite flavors, Mom and I sat for a while on the seawall before returning home to hit the pool.

Although we’d only planned to spend a¬†short time¬†lounging outside, Mom and I hadn’t counted on the lure of the bright sunshine, cool water, and crashing waves. Before we knew it, we had spent several hours reading and roasting in the gorgeous Maui afternoon.

Thankfully, I managed to escape without much of a sunburn…

After a quick trip to the Lahaina Cannery Mall, where we made several thrilling purchases (Tylenol for me, paper towel, that sort of thing :)) Mom and I headed back in to get ready for dinner.

Since I wasn’t able to eat out for a few days, Mom and I are determined to make the most of our last few days on the island and check off all of the restaurants on our culinary bucket list.


Tonight’s destination was Leilani’s, where we delighted in a three-course tasting menu–yum! My meal was fantastic and the service was incredible!

Between friendly waiters, delicious sweet Hawaiian rolls, and three courses of scrumptiousness, my meal was definitely one to remember.


I started with an appetizer of lime-infused prawns with an Asian citrus cocktail sauce, which was light and refreshing–perfect for the warm, balmy evening. I could hardly imagine that my main course would be capable of topping the appetizer, but I was pleasantly surprised.


My surf and turf sat atop a bed of creamy smashed potatoes and was drizzled with a silky red wine sauce. Between the perfectly seared filet, herb grilled shrimp, and delicious sauce, the dish was nearly flawless.



And then came dessert…with melty vanilla ice cream, decadent salted caramel sauce, and fresh island fruit, Leilani’s tropical fruit crisp was a¬†perfect finale to the evening.


After wandering around Whalers Village for a bit, we returned home in time to catch the sunset before sneaking down to the pool for a much-needed dip in the water.

Yesterday might have been horrendous, but today was nothing short of glorious. I am so thankful for God’s grace–and for three more days left in paradise!

Now I’d better get to bed, as we have a full day of activities lined up, and our first activity starts bright and early!


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