Cinnamon, Tuna, and “Slippas”

Today was jam-packed with many essential Maui activities–all of them taking place in the vibrant Hawaiian sunshine.

Mom and I started the day with a morning snorkel excursion. The water was crystal clear, the waves calm, and the fish plentiful. I’d never snorkeled before (aside from a frightful excursion several years ago which had proved to scare me away from the entire idea) but I was eager to immerse myself in the world of the fish.

Once we swam out to an offshore reef, Mom and I were instantly greeted by the Hawaiian state fish–the Humuhumunukunukuāpuaʻa, more commonly known as a triggerfish. Many more fish were soon to follow and I quickly discovered the magic of snorkeling as I floated beside clumps of coral and schools of fish.

Eventually, though, the chill of the morning water went straight into our bones and Mom and I hurried home to enjoy warm showers. BUT…we made a promise to come back soon–tomorrow, perhaps 🙂

18010018_486420048416008_7594751897548516480_nAfter getting ready for the 18119431_486420065082673_2910896912511767913_nday, we set out in the opposite direction for Whalers Village, where we spent several hours poking around in the eclectic mix of shops. My favorite store was Cinnamon Girl, a quirky boutique which sells everything–journals, luggage tags, clothes, dishtowels…this store has it all. Mom and I lingered for quite a while before picking out a few treasures to take home.

IMG_1457.JPGWe poked around for a while longer before stopping for lunch on the beach. Thankful for the large umbrellas that shaded our table, Mom and I decided on a hummus sampler platter, which was chock full of crispy vegetables and savory grilled flatbread, and a farm-fresh local salad with fresh strawberries, goat cheese, locally grown sweet onion, and candied walnuts. Yum!

I’d love to be able to post a picture of our culinary adventure, but we were both too hungry to bother snapping pictures before digging in 🙂

Thankfully, I managed to restrain myself by the time dinner rolled around. And I’m glad I did. The swanky Lahaina Grill served up one of the most delectable and beautiful dishes of the entire trip, the “Cake Walk”.


True to its name, this appetizer featured three different seafood cakes, including one made of lightly seared tuna. Although Mom and I were both devoted tuna-haters, we decided to take a chance and try the daring dish.

We both took a bite at the same time…chewed…swallowed…and went back in for another bite. And another. Before we knew it, we’d devoured the entire tuna cake–and savored every bite.

Obviously, I’m not as opposed to fish as I’ve led myself to believe. In fact, I’m beginning to wonder if I have time to try any other fishy dishes on this vacation…

After dinner, we returned to the condo to (surprise, surprise) watch the sunset. After the sun had slipped into the sea and the clouds had concluded their color-changing routine, I convinced Mom to snap a few pictures of me, since I was still dressed up from dinner.

It was a beautiful day in Hawaii, I got to eat beautiful (and delicious!) food, and witness a beautiful sunset…God is good!

And, by the way, this is Roy. He’s someone’s “pet” rooster. I wanted to get near enough to snap a few pictures of him, but he ended up getting even closer than I’d intended and pecked Mom’s foot. According to Roy’s owner, he was only after Mom’s “slippahs” (Hawaiian slang for flip-flops). I wish I’d been able to snap a picture of the actual pecking, but I was too busy running away to save my own feet 🙂


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