This morning, Mom and I set out for an early morning shopping spree at Foodland, home of some of Maui’s most locally authentic (and therefore quirky) groceries. I love browsing through the eclectic offerings, and this morning’s selections did not disappoint. Curious just what kind of unusual items I discovered? Check out the slideshow below:

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The most unusual discovery I made at Foodland, though, didn’t have anything to do with what was on the store shelves. It happened when I stopped to snap a picture of the fresh ahi poke (marinated raw tuna) and the woman behind the meat counter offered me a taste.

Encouraged by last night’s ahi tuna cake at Lahaina Grill, I accepted the sample and popped a whole piece of poke into my mouth. I couldn’t restrain my surprise. The fish, while slightly over-seasoned, didn’t taste “fishy” and the texture was on point.

Um…I hate to admit it, but there might be a fish lover buried somewhere deep inside of me 🙂

After shopping at Foodland, Mom and I hustled down the oceanside path in order to make it to our appointment at the Hyatt’s luxurious Kamaha’o Spa. Although I was excited to experience an authentic, Hawaiian-style “Lomi Lomi” massage, I was also looking forward to enjoying the spa’s multiple amenities. The sauna, steam room, Jacuzzi, relaxation room, and lanai retreat were all kept in tip-top shape.

Before my treatment, I enjoyed the steam room for a bit before settling down with a cup of tea in the relaxation room as I waited for my massage. Although all of the amenities were amazing, nothing could compete with the luxury of a “Lomi Lomi” massage.

Combining smooth, sweeping traditional Hawaiian techniques with shorter, more focused strokes, my masseuse did an amazing job at taking every bit of tension away from my body. Ah…bliss.

Unfortunately, even the best hour of one’s life only lasts sixty minutes. Mom and I were headed back to the condo much sooner than we would have liked but our next activity was just as amazing of an experience.

A short trek towards town took us to Baby Beach, a small, secluded cove which is home to a massive coral reef. Before we knew it, Mom and I had donned our snorkel gear and waded into the water.

Instantly, we were welcomed into the magical underwater world. I followed a school of skinny silver fish for a while before something else caught my eye–namely, the abundance of shells and seaglass on the ocean floor.

Mom thought I was crazy, but I instantly turned my attention away from the fish and focused on the cluttered ocean bottom. Sure, the fish swimming in the ocean were amazing, but I was more intrigued by what was on the bottom of the ocean. I quickly taught myself how to dive underwater to collect handfuls of the ocean’s treasures and set to work.

When we returned to shore, Mom and I were both glowing–Mom from the thrill of the fish and me from the thrill of the treasure hunt!

BE028599-D3D5-47C1-9E24-D46E5DD56D79After all of these activities, we were purely famished. Kimo’s, our favorite old standby, seemed to be the only choice. When we arrived, we weren’t disappointed. My caprese sandwich on freshly grilled focaccia was stuffed with juicy tomatoes, creamy fresh mozzarella, rich macadamia nut pesto, and zesty pickled red onions. The side salad with Italian-style vinaigrette was delicious as well.


AND then there was the Hula Pie. This insane chocolate-coated, macadamia-riddled ice cream pie is what made Kimo’s famous. And famous it has become. Nearly everyone orders–or at least inquires about–the giant slab of Hawaiian-style deliciousness. No trip to Maui is complete without hula pie and what better day to try a piece than today? Yum!

After lunch, Mom and I spent the rest of the day shopping on Front Street, staring at yet another glorious sunset, and planning tomorrow’s escapades–they shouldn’t disappoint!


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