Fake Booze and Tattoos

Today was a bit of a rebellious day for me, but such is life when you’ve got the “aloha spirit” alive in your heart! After all, when you’re on vacation, it’s good to relax a little.

Of course, the day began on a mild note–another snorkeling excursion to Baby Beach, where I delighted in the underwater offerings–I found several exquisite shells and saw many different (and unusual!) varieties of fish.

One strange creature, a needle-nose with goggly eyes and the body of an eel, was a bit intimidating, but thankfully there were many other varieties of fish to gaze at. Today, the fish were unusually friendly and I managed to get up close and personal with a few of my favorite varieties. If only I’d had an underwater camera…

After taking a stroll along the seashore, Mom and I returned home to laze around for a while before preparing to hit the town for a midday snack at one restaurant’s family-friendly “happy hour”.

18157255_487602614964418_8794470657141891144_nBut Fleetwood’s isn’t just a restaurant. It’s three stories of food, fun, and Fleetwood Mac.

That’s right.

This restaurant is owned by the Mick Fleetwood, the legendary drummer for the classic rock band, Fleetwood Mac. Considering that I’ve spent the past two weeks shoved in a tiny car blasting a classic rock station, I was excited for the adventure.


First, we checked out the Mick Fleetwood museum/gift shop. Enthusiasts could buy pairs of Mick’s drumsticks and vintage vinyl records, among other Fleetwood Mac memorabilia. Plus, several of Mick’s treasures–like his vintage Austin–were available for shoppers to admire.18118592_487602454964434_1914451139593515388_n

Mom and I were captivated by the unique atmosphere and our admiration of the establishment only increased when we headed upstairs to the main dining room.

Filled with pendant lights, bar-like tables, and patchwork leather stools, the restaurant is chic, sleek, and modern…and its food doesn’t disappoint!

I decided to celebrate the day with a mocktail and ordered a virgin pina colada. The drink was light and icy and the tangy pineapple was a perfect foil for the richness of the coconut.

For our meal, Mom and I ordered salty house-made potato chips with a creamy herb aioli as well as caramelized onion steak sliders which were topped with a scrumptious tomato jam. Everything was delectable, the service was stellar even though the place was packed, and the live music was fantastic.

Fleetwood’s definitely didn’t disappoint and I am so glad I managed to make it there…it had been high on my culinary bucket list but, after getting blindsided by the flu, I’d been afraid I wouldn’t be able to make it.

My virgin pina colada had left me feeling refreshed and revitalized, as well as a little rebellious, and I soon found myself seated on a stool at a henna tattoo parlor. Within a few minutes, my right ankle was sporting the entire chain of Hawaiian islands–a perfect, though temporary, reminder of my Maui vacation.

As we headed back to the car, Mom and I couldn’t resist the lure of Sand People, one of our Front Street favorites. This eclectic boutique offers everything Maui, from wall art to books to jewelry.

Today, Mom and I had our eyes on the quotes…and the jewelry. After a bit of deliberation, we picked out a small wooden quote and turned to pay. Except…a selection of delicate necklaces caught both our eye. Enchanted by a necklace’s tiny charms and Hawaiian theme, I couldn’t help but try it on.

Generously, Mom offered to buy it for me and I walked out onto Front Street proudly wearing my new necklace…thanks again, Mom!

It was another blissful day in paradise. I am so thankful to God for this incredible island and I will always treasure the beautiful memories I’ve made on it this year.


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