Giveaway Time With Victoria Kimble!

Welcome readers. You’re in for a special treat today! Victoria Kimble, who stopped by for an interview on Wednesday, is back. (Missed her interview? Make sure to check it out here!) This time, she’s giving away a copy of her latest book, Alto Secrets.

To enter, simply leave a comment below. If you’d like, answer this question:

Victoria Kimble was inspired to become an author because she was such an avid reader as a child. What was one of your favorite childhood books? What made it so special to you?

You’ll have until 11:59pm on Monday the 15th to enter. Check back here on Wednesday to see if you’re the (very lucky) winner!

And if you don’t win…you can always order Victoria’s book on Amazon or Barnes & Noble!


About Alto Secrets: Maddie Ryland is an amazing AltoSecrets_Kimble_Frontvolleyball player. She fits right in with her sport-centered family. But when Maddie is invited to join the Aspen Junior High Art Club, her secret dream of painting looks like it can become reality. The only problem is her parents want her to play club volleyball at the rec center. So Maddie tells her parents that her school has a club team, and she’d rather join that. Only there is no club team at the school. Maddie’s lie about the volleyball team starts an avalanche of other lies she has to tell in order to keep her spot in the art club. It’s only a matter of time until Maddie’s lies catch up with her. What will her parents say?



3 thoughts on “Giveaway Time With Victoria Kimble!

  1. Charlottes Web was my favorite childhood book. Everything in the book just seemed so magical. We did not have a T.V. so my imagination ran wild as I hadn’t even seen many cartoons to give me ideas of what characters were typically suppose to look like. I believe that it made me more creative in ways.


  2. I wasn’t a huge Baby Sitters Club fan. Those definitely shaped my love of reading!

    I hope my daughters grow up to think of the Choir Girls the same way!


  3. I was an avid reader as a kid (still am!) so it’s hard to pick one book. One of my favorites, though, was Black Beauty. I’ve read it many times over the years and still love it!


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